We are proud to share some wonderful feedback from various pupils and parents of pupils who have attended Castle Hill Primary School.

Liam- “All teachers are very nice”

Olivia- “Castle Hill is wonderful, nice and caring teachers”

Daisy- “Had really good time at the school and enjoyed herself”

Olivia- “Everything was amazing”

Sasha- “Castle Hill has been the best experience she ever had”

Emilia- “Felt safe and welcomed. 

Bethany- “No bad memories, only good ones and it’s been fun”

Taylor- “Really enjoyed time at school, loved Maths and Geography”

Phoebe- “The best school of her life”

Ethan- “All teachers are very, very nice and fun”

Julia- “ The best school, nice teachers, felt very happy here”

Olivia- “Wouldn’t change anything”

Jacob- “Year 5 was the best with Miss Edwards”

Dominic- “The school is really good, changed his life forever and will always be grateful for this”

William- “Great school, had issues which was dealt with”

Alisha- “Feel very good at Castle Hill, really welcomed”

Catherine- “Loved it”

Chibs- “Really nice bunch of people”

Kaleb- “Really good school, have been happy here”

Risha – “Loved it, great team, made friends. Staff members are nice”

Findley- “Wonderful community and caring team”

Milly- “Really good, especially the teachers”

Maize- “Amazing, I loved every single moment of it”

George– “The best seven years of my life”

Maggie– “Calm and nurturing. No school good as



All three of us are feeling very emotional about moving on from Castle Hill. We have thoroughly enjoyed being part of the Castle Hill family. This was the first experience for all three of us of us 'schooling' in the UK as we grew up in India. I suspect we have spoiled by you all and that extremely high standards of schooling have been set by your team. We are worried that we are going to struggle to find the same love, enthusiasm and dedication from the school team anywhere else. Your commitment to the education of all children must be unparalleled. Thank you so much for touching our lives in such an amazing way. The standard that you have set for the school is simply fantastic. I have seldom seen such devotion and dedication."


"Having returned from sports day I felt I had to write to say how fantastic a day it was. The day was so well organised and it was clear that all the children knew exactly what they were doing and what was expected. The children’s behaviour was impeccable throughout and it was so lovely to see them all taking part with such huge smiles. It was great to see a sports day focused on sporting skills rather than ‘novelty’ events and celebrating those children who are talented in this area. My family had come to watch and they all commented on the great importance given to teaching children that competition is an important part of life and being gracious in winning and in defeat is an important life lesson especially in the current climate. I feel it is important for a child’s mental health to be taught early that we can’t win every time but that this should motivate us to persevere and not give up." Jenny Williams


"I struggle to find good enough words to express my appreciation, thanks and gratitude for the love, care, guidance, support and protection you have given my child since joining Castle Hill. You have been a huge part of her life and deserve lots of credit for the lovely, funny, kind, confident and caring young lady she has become. You have never been 'just a school' she goes to, but instead her second family (as she tells people). We love your values and know she will take them with her to her new school in September. You've helped so much with not only her educational development, but her personal development too and CHPS will always hold a special place in our hearts."

"This is a great new school that I believe offers my daughter a fantastic educational opportunity."

"We have found the school and especially the headmaster excellent and my child loves going there which is evident in her learning both at school and home."

"When we were shown around the school we could see it was a nice new and bright school with welcoming teachers and staff. The school has great facilities and good academic results. We can see then school has a good structure and encourages children to reach their full potential. We really like the schools' motto Aiming for Excellence and Manners Matter which are very important to us."