As a school, we understand the importance of fostering a love for reading in our children. That’s why we’re thrilled to introduce you to Sora, an exceptional digital reading platform designed to ignite your child’s passion for books. Here’s why Sora is a game-changer:

Vast Collection of Age-Appropriate Ebooks and Audiobooks: Sora offers an extensive library of age-appropriate materials, catering to all reading levels. Whether your child is a budding reader or a seasoned bookworm, they’ll find captivating titles that resonate with their interests.
Reading for Pleasure: Sora’s primary focus is on nurturing a genuine love for reading. It’s not just about academic assignments; it’s about discovering stories, exploring new worlds, and getting lost in the magic of words. With Sora, your child can dive into books purely for the joy of it.
Multilingual Interface: Sora recognizes the diversity of our young readers. The platform supports multiple languages, ensuring that every child feels welcome and included.
Free Access: Yes, you read that right! Sora is entirely free for students. No subscription fees, no hidden costs. Just a wealth of literary adventures waiting to be explored.

So, whether you’re snuggling up for a bedtime story or encouraging independent reading, Sora has your back. Let your child embark on a delightful reading journey with Sora—where imagination knows no bounds!

Learn more on their official website. Happy reading!


For help with accessing your school account, please view the guide below:

Sora Reading Guide

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