Promoting Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural development (SMSC) at Castle Hill Primary School is important because our children are our future – we are teaching the next generation of doctors, teachers, MPs, astronauts…the possibilities are endless! This is why we strongly believe that children should be leaving us prepared to face modern Britain.

Throughout their school life, children are encouraged to be self-reflective and respectful towards others. This is shown through our school motto, “manners matter”, which all staff and children live by. Ask any of our friendly staff and smiley children, and they will tell you CHPS is a caring community!
Children of CHPS are given opportunities to:

  • Explore and develop their own values and beliefs.
  • Develop a sense of right and wrong in their own behaviours and understand consequences of actions both in school and later on in life.
  • Demonstrate a positive and caring attitude to everyone around them.
  • Celebrate their own successes and talents as well as those of their peers.
  • Make decisions and implement actions within the school.

This poem reflects our school motto, values and beliefs.

Your Manners Matter!

Children are polite.
Aiming for excellence.
Showing everyone respect.
Times tables mad!
Learning together.
Everybody is kind.
Happiness everywhere in the school.
Interesting opportunities.
Listening to each other.
Learning with Ruffles.
Written by Daisy W, Leah A, Spencer D (Yr 5).