We are delighted to confirm that we have met the criteria for using the Thrive logo ‘We’ve Embraced Thrive in our Setting’, showing our commitment to embracing the Thrive Approach at Castle Hill Primary School.

The Thrive Approach
Thrive helps adults prepare children and young people for life's emotional ups and downs. Thrive is rigorous, targeted and measured. The Thrive Approach has been created by a multi-agency team who have worked with staff in education and care settings since 1994.

What's involved?
Thrive-Online is a simple to use program that provides:

  • Whole group profiling
  • Individual profiling/assessment
  • Tailored action-planning
  • Progress monitoring and reviewing
  • Measured outcomes

Impact evaluation

Children feel happier and safer in school and enjoy their learning. Also shows improved attainment levels, gap closing and more children closer to ARE by making expected progress or better (R 80%, W 72%, M 78%)

Who is Thrive for?

It is useful for all children, as it sets out the age appropriate developmental tasks of children. This knowledge can be used to shape provision to make best use of life's learning opportunities. This enhances their emotional and social skills, improves their emotional wellbeing and develops their emotional literacy. It also helps those children who are vulnerable and challenged who have strong emotions and struggle with some social situations. It can benefit those children who suddenly experience hurtful, shocking, strange or traumatic life events, such as a bereavement, a parent's redundancy, a depressive episode in a close relative or the death of a grandparent. When these life events happen, we all return to our most basic needs.

Embracing Thrive

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