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It gives me great pleasure to welcome you to our website.

Castle Hill Primary School has demonstrated over many years that it is an excellent school, with an exceptionally talented and committed team. Across the complex split site landscape, we always aim to put your child at the centre of excellent learning and opportunity. The Governing Body works very closely with the school leadership team to maintain this very high standard and the school maintains close links with parents and the local community striving to achieve our motto of "Aiming for Excellence".

It is our belief that by working towards these aims, and with the right support, every child has the ability to reach their full potential. If you share our values and vision, I would encourage you to come and visit us where, I am sure, you will be made to feel most welcome.

Mr John DF Martin
Executive Headteacher

Thank you for your interest in Castle Hill Primary School.

Our motto “Aiming for Excellence” and “Manners Matter” captures the essence of our school's key aims. We wish to provide the very best for your child in a disciplined, hardworking and, most importantly, happy environment.

“The behaviour of pupils is outstanding. The school motto Manners Matter is understood and adhered to by all pupils. Pupils show respect for other pupils, teachers and visitors by listening carefully and responding to questions appropriately and maturely. Pupils are exceptionally proud of their school and they relish the responsibilities given to them.” Ofsted Report 2018.

Mr John DF Martin MA
Executive Headteacher, Castle Hill Primary School

Vision and

"Quality is a journey not a destination"

Our intention is to provide an environment that allows all members of Castle Hill Primary School community to thrive. The priorities are agreed by and supported by all.

We hold fast to what we hold dear and although always open to constructive input we seek your partnership in the true spirit of progress for all. 

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